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Judith Humenick Productions (JHP) provides jazz artist management, booking and consulting services from a base in Ottawa, Ontario, representing a diverse roster of Canadian and international jazz artists on the highly competitive global jazz scene. With a 35-year history of experience in the jazz art form, JHP is a dedicated “champion of Canadian jazz” and is making a strong impression for Canadian culture on the international scene.

We work with a select group of 7+ Canadian and international jazz artists to provide management and booking support to reach new audiences through performances in a wide variety of jazz venues in North America and abroad. JHP maintains a professional roster of outstanding artists, all of whom have seen their international profiles increase and are now poised to secure new live performance bookings and to expand their international audience. JHP has an international focus and seeks to bring Canadian talent to new global audiences. Recent tour highlights include Spain, Egypt, France, India and London.

The Kirk MacDonald Generations Quartet recent Tour of India,
March 2020
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